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I start building a new homepage for all of my web stuff. You want to know why? Then you need to read further…



For the last couple of years I had a managed webspace with included email server. This was fine and the email server will still remain but the webspace itself will migrate to this new location. The main reason is, the managed webspace was limited in its resources. I allways wanted to have some kind of cloud or storage space where only I have control of. This was not easily possible. Now these days I got my own server 1 with some recent amount of RAM (16GB), space (480GB) and CPU power (4 cores). On the other hand the drawbacks now are:

  • manage a complete server os by my own
  • keep all the software and services up to date
  • securing all running services
  • handling backups on a regular basis
  • and more

Actual state

My choise for the server os is FreeBSD 2. I already run FreeBSD on my personal workstations desktop. So I feel pretty comfortable with its configutation and I think I can handle the OS on the server well too. I want to run at least this services:

  • https server
  • cloud or file storage solution
  • email / imap server
  • version control system

As a start for the https server, by the way you already found it, I decided to go with a static website for the home page as it doesn’t really need dynamic content. After some investigation I wanted to try Hugo 3. Hugo uses Go Language 4 with the html/template library 5 for its template engine. It is an extremely lightweight engine that provides a very small amount of logic.


I already managed some of the drawbacks mentioned above but there are still some open issues I’ll need to handle. For example I dont know about the email server right now. But there is no hurry so it will be done when its done. I realized I need to learn markdown and become more confident to it. It is really helpfull for creating fast websites and also for documenting projects at work.

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