camping am waldsee

Camping in Biehain Am Waldsee

As every year we did it. Camping in Biehain am Waldsee 1. Biehain am Waldsee (or EBS, this is Erholungsgebiet Biehainer Seen e.V.) is a really old style camping location. It dates back to the GDR (DDR, Deutsche Demokratische Republik), where travelling was totally limited.

There are bungalows, places for caravans, campers or yust my simple tent. There is no real order like in this new camping places. As long there is space you can place your tent everywhere you like it. And it is really cheap. The big plus is the see! The see is embeded int the wood and has clear really green water. My bad, i missed to do a picture of it.

The first day we needed to set up the tent very quickly because a huge thunderstorm was on its way. So the first evening was very wet. But gladly the next three days were hot and dry. Swimming in the see and sight seeing had been wonderfull. On the evenings my gas grill did a great job and on the morning my gas grill made excellent coffee too!

We enyoid it staying there very much. And for 3 days it took us only 31,50€ so also here was nothing to complain about.

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