Hi! My name is René Thümmler. I am from Germany and was born in the great year 1977. The page sciSoft.de and all of its domains are my private stuff and are not related to my professional work so it might have some overlapping.

I already wrote over the main goal of this website here. The second goal is to improve my written english language. As a native german speaker, undestanding spoken english is quite good while speaking and writing myself might not all the time.


I work as an engineer and IT specialist at CFD Consultants GmbH (CFDC) in the beautiful city of Rottenburg am Necker. The main focus of us at CFDC is Computational Fluid Dynamics. But we a not bound to that topic only.

My main interest is in solving engineering problems, especially in developing new methods and strategies for different kinds of problems. Therefore I usually use already known methods and combine or turn them into more advanced techniques. One big parts in my work is programming. I really like programming in C++, bash and lua. I found this is the perfect combination to get fast and reliable results. Of course I am also interested in all the new and fancy web stuff. But this only a playing field and only if time is left.

You can find an example (Open Panel Method - OpenPAME) of my work here. If you want to know more, please contact me.


1983-1991 Polytechnische Oberschule Markersdorf (OL)
1992-1996 Joliot-Curie Gymnasium Görlitz
1996-1997 Bundeswehr Frankenberg
1997-2003 Verfahrenstechnik (process engineering) TU Dresden
2005-2007 Support engineer ESTECO Deutschland GmbH
since 2003 Engineer at CFD Consultants GmbH


I am the very proud father of one awesome daughter! I am very interested in Martial Arts. So I do Bujukai a self defense system, Sukunaihayashi Ryu an old and traditional Karate style and Arnis de Mano which is a Filipino Martial Art, to name the main ones. Some short travelogues and other stuff is here.