berlin visit

Visit Berlin

This year I had the chance to visit Berlin. While it was for my job I still found some minutes to take some pictures.

My hotel was located directly at the Berlin Alexanderplatz, so I have choosen one of the most famous motives of Berlin. Yes, ff course the Berlin television tower!

I have never been there before, so this are my very first impressions of the television tower. The same motive taken at different times on the same day. First one was in the morning. It was pretty cold and I was on my search for a coffee. Luckily I found one near the Urania World Clock. The first photo is take from a little different position.

Unfortunately I had to work during the day and no chance to do a shot during the day. Thats why the noon picture is missing.

Later in the evening before going to the dinner I took the next photo from my room and the last one is taken late in the night after returning to the hotel from the dinner.

Please bear with me, but all the photos are taken with just my phone. And as you can see, it is not very good in dim light. Early in the next morning I took a flight back and the trip was over.